Tribute Videos

Hugh had an enormous and unmeasurable impact on his music community.  It makes sense that dozens of friends shared their talents in honor of our friend.

Remembering Hugh McGowan

This is an edited version of our Zoom Tribute to Hugh.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we could not gather safely, so we took to the internet to share our grief and remember the good times.

You Done Good. An Original Song Tribute Written By Eric Schwartz Specifically for Hugh

We put this song first in our amazing collection of tribute performances.  Eric captured so well what Hugh meant to the music community.

"If you never sang your songs for us, if you never played a note, we'd recall your gentle kindness and sweetness of your soul
You left the world a little better, You Done Good."

Jonathan Byrd Performs, Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

Hugh's legendary apartment on Heath St in Somerville, MA played host to an uncountable amount of traveling troubadours, and Jonathan Byrd was certainly part of the mix.  When Byrd was in town everyone in town knew the late night song circle would be in Hugh's living room.  This beautiful tribute is from our online Zoom show, March, 2021.

All This Time by Sting. Performed by Erik White and Laurence Scudder on The Burren Stage.

Hugh often talked said he had his dream schedule down.  Bartending Sunday night and Monday afternoon at then hosting his Open Mic on Tuesdays all at The Burren, made his money and gave him the whole week to gig, live and love life.  Behind the bar during the Sunday Night Songwriter Series Hugh was in charge of spinning tunes in between sets.  All This Time was one of his favorites. When you stopped by, saw Hugh, heard this song, you knew you were in the right place.

Hugh's old bandmate sings, Keg On My Coffin

Jenni Alpert Shares Story and Song