There's very little here.  That's because we need your submissions.  Here's a few examples of what we're looking for:
 - That snap shot video of Hugh playing a song around the campfire.
 - A video of yourself telling a classic story involving Hugh, you know you have one.
- A video of that time Hugh jumped on stage and played your song with you

Here is where those misfit memories will land.  You get the idea!  Now, send them our way!!!
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Moment By Moment

The date is December 4th, 2011.  We know that because Tom and Danielle were married on December 3rd.  December 4th they had a big ol party in The Burren Backroom.  This video is taken late night at Heath Street... so the date is probably/actually December 5th sometime after midnight.

Hugh, who was Tom's Best Man bartended that evening and here he is wearing his tuxedo t-shirt.  Pretty sure Jamie Meditz is holding the camera as Danielle leads her song, Moment By Moment with her new husband as well as Paul Chaisson playing a Djembe.  Legend.