Hugh Playing Music

Whether it be main stages or a back yard, Hugh was the first one to pick up a guitar and share a tune.  So many great moments have been captured over the years.

Tiny Desk Concerts - No Precedent

One of the last songs Hugh wrote, No Precedent with its swaying waltz and interwoven melody is a perfect example of Hugh's songwriting style.  

Here he is on his restored 1800's Martin sharing this arrangement and submission as a, "Tiny Desk Concert."

As much as  we love the music, the bit of charming banter before many of these videos is what really reaches in to our hearts.

I'm Not Over You - Live at Lizard Lounge

Even though he spent every Tuesday night hosting his own Open Mic at The Burren, Hugh still loved to swing down to other local songwriter nights and share songs.  Here a spectacular snap shot of Hugh playing solo acoustic on a Monday night at Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge.  This Open Mic boasted a cash prize that Hugh would often go home with.

Hugh Plays, "Fast Lane" on the The Steve Katsos Show

Stages big and small, Hugh loved to play and was always up to share a tune or two.

Just about any performing songwriter can tell you that local cable access shows are a great way to share some tunes and get a great video.  Here's Hugh doing just that.

Melissa Morris and Hugh sing, Tea In The Sahara

If Hugh McGowan was on stage playing your song you could always count on his high tenor vocals to lend harmony at any given moment.  Heck... if he were anywhere in the room he'd belt out harmony that would steal the show.  

Here's Melissa Morris and Hugh singing, Tea In The Sahara by The Police accompanied by a wonderful slide show.

Lolita - With David Glaser and Eric Lee

Hugh & Hartley Hall Perform, Genius of Love at Kerrville Folk Festival

This Place Is Hers @ Susie's House